Renyck Hoffman is an Integrated Marketing Communications major, Class of 2020, at the Roy H. Park School of Communications housed at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. Integrated Marketing Communications is a combination of communication methods, such as Advertising, Public Relations, and Graphic Design, incorporated with business marketing. Renyck has taken a variety of classes in this field but has found passion in anything related to design.

Renyck was born and raised in a small town outside of Albany, NY. He graduated from Maple Hill High School in 2016. Growing up he was always fond of a variety of art forms, but it wasn’t until sophomore year of college that he began his career as a graphic designer.

He believes that everyone has their own form of creativity, and that is the most valuable character trait in people. Everyone has the ability to create, no matter what field they’re in.

Renyck really loves helping people grow their visual brand identities. Whatever palette you need, Renyck has you covered! He is also really into skateboarding, punk rock, new wave, and traveling!